How much how often and how should I consume my tincture?

A standard single serving is 1ml generally taken twice a day. You can take less or more depending on your individual needs. Our tinctures contain calibrated droppers so you can take with accuracy. 

You can take your tincture any time of day but consistency is important. The medicinal mushrooms we work with are considered tonics. You can think of tonics as the underlying foundation that support the larger structure of your overall health. They are meant to be taken regularly over the long term to help maintain and promote well being. 

The most effective way to administer your tincture is to take it sublingually - meaning to let it sit underneath the tongue for 60-90 seconds. The benefit of a fluid extract is that it does not need to pass through the digestive system and can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream if taken this way. A little less direct method would be to add it to a small amount of liquid; water or tea for example.

Is there alcohol in your tinctures?

Yes. Our tinctures contain around 25% per bottle. We use certified organic cane alcohol (gluten free). This is a necessary part of the extraction process as alcohol is used to draw out the beneficial fat soluble medicinal compounds of the mushrooms.

How do you make your tinctures?

Depending on the mushroom species, it undergoes either a double or triple extraction process. We utilize a special extraction apparatus that allows us to perform complete, active extractions under heat without losing any of the volatile compounds.

Where do you source the mushrooms for your preparations?

The mushrooms in our extracts have been ethically wildcrafted or cultivated here in Vermont. They are either gathered by our own hands or grown, beginning as spores in our lab and maturing to fruiting bodies in our grow rooms. Building relationships with our native fungi is just as important to us as partnering with local forestry and agricultural operations from where we source our mushroom cultivation substrates.